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Creating sustainable Projects in the Hinterlands that creates Job and fight poverty


Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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The Team

John A. Egyawan is originally a native of Ngie Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon and is currently a US Citizen. He is married and has three kids. He gave his life to Christ in September 1991 and 2 years later he received the call into the ministry. Ever since he gave his life to Christ, he has been actively involved in the body of Christ. He attended the Apostolic Bible School in Cameroon after he won the DV Lottery then moved to the United States. He has been involved in many church planting activities with the Apostolic Church Cameroon prior to immigrating to the United States.

He is a US Army Veteran—he served as a Chaplain Assistant for 12 years on active duty and went on a 13-month tour to Iraq during Operation Iraqi freedom. He then transferred as Staff Sergeant to the Reserves as a Computer Specialist. He has been the International Mission Director for Omega Gospel Mission in Washington DC since 2006.

Reaching the unreached in a holistic way. Economic, Social and Spiritual Empowerment for a relevant Christianity.

Vision Statement

Implementing sustainable strategies to Empower and mobilize the body Christ to Reach the unreached, foster development and human rights, raise the standard of living and reduce rural exodus.

Missions Statement

About The Founder

John has pioneered mission work in Benin, Cameroon, Togo and Ghana.  He has served as an Associate Pastor with Charity Church Hanau Germany and also as a board member on the Board of Elders of Omega Gospel Mission for over three years. John Studied Information Technology Management in Colorado Technical University. John has pioneered two Bible study centers: Omega Gospel Mission Bible School and Charity Church Hanau Bible School. He is also a founding Member of TACC-Friends International Association USA and serves as a board member. He is also a Board Member of The Apostolic Church North America Missions (TACNAM), John is a Pioneer member and Vice President of Business Development and Board member of National Association of Hebrews (NAHEB) in Texas. He has been on the Board of Directors with GUDA USA, Inc., and PACANet USA, Inc. He is founder of Yooodoo LLC USA. In November 2011, John founded Hinterlands International Missions (H.I.M) USA to promote holistic Missions. He is also the International Missions Representative for AIMS - His missions is to mobilize the churches in West and Central Africa to form church planting movements, through AIMS Equipping For The Harvest (EFTH) training conferences.

John is currently working in Central and West Africa as a missionary teaching and mobilizing the churches to get involved in Holistic missions as a means to reach the hard to reach areas with the Gospel. He has also founded Hinterlands International Missions in Cameroon, Nigeria, Benin, and Soon to be in Liberia. John believes a holistic approach to missions will help to effectively take the Gospel into the hinterlands, the hard to reach areas, and help to bring closure to the Great Commission. Additionally, John believes that the church needs to be relevant in society by contributing to community development and nation building. John has served as an AIMS International Representative for West and Central Africa since November 2012.

Our Christianity is of no value to the society or our community if all we can do is limited to the walls of our churches…

- John Egyawan

“God takes great pleasure in manifesting His presence and pouring out His power on those who will dare to align radically their purposes with His for the nations.”

- Steve Childers, mission mobilizer

Support us with a donation or sponsor a missionary working with an unreached people group.

Join us in a short term mission trip to west or central Africa. Donate equipments, or used computers to help us.

Patrick R. Rutherford III is a soil Scientist with passion of helping the hinterlands community fight poverty through sustainable and profitable agriculture by teaching how to farm by building their soils. Patrick is retried from a very successful business in Montrose Colorado and is currently using his time and knowledge to help farmers in developing countries make the best out of their land. Patrick is the founder of Golf of Guinea XM LLC that is focus on looking for market for organically grown farm products from Africa and also exporting Agricultural product and other related products for development. Linda Rutherford is a retired Nurse and a Psychologist who has dedicated her time in helping troubled girls and women in the United States. She is also a Nutritionist and travels to Africa with Patrick teaching on good nutrition and organic food. Her famous phrase is “Health is Wealth”

Patrick and Linda Rutherford - Soil Scientist