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The premier AIMS training to help mobilize indigenous movements called Equipping for the Harvest (EFTH). This training includes teaching in the local language on, Faith Promise Giving, Networking/Partnerships and AIMS’ foundational seminar, Harvest Connection. AIMS W. & C. African Int’l Rep.

AIMS Seminars & GETA Training

Providing small business training to entrepreneurs and the hinterlands community to create jobs, provide a means of living, education and also reduce rural exodus and crime.

Business Training

What We Do to Make Christianity Relevant...

Micro finance Services and Economic Empowerment

Personal Development and Job training.

Networking with churches and other organizations including government for reaching the unreached in a holistic way.

Perfect environment to make our family holiday one we’ll never forget

- mum and dad of 3 excited children


Promoting the use of AZOMITE and Sustane Natural Fertilizer in Sub Saharan Africa for soil restoration, organic farming, improved yield and profitability.

Improved Sustainable Farming

Developing and creating self sustaining projects that will create jobs, promote community interaction and development resulting to high productivity and Nation building.

Creating Jobs

Working in partnership with local organizations like SOWEDA to bring development in the hinterlands community. Providing education on sustainable farming to boast production, profit and sustainability

Community Development

Empowering orphans and widows  through training and small business formation.

Partnering with the community to fight against environmental pollution.

Promotion of affordable, sustainable and durable earthen houses that are fully eco friendly and less expensive even to the less privileged.


Empowering the community through education to fight crimes related to domestic violence, Child abuse, gender equality,  human and civil rights violations especially against the underprivileged.

Human and Civil Rights Advocacy

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Creating sustainable Projects in the Hinterlands that creates Job and fight poverty


Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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