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Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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Change a Child’s Future through Education.

Christianity is not relevant if all we can do on earth is promise people a better life in heaven and leave them to suffer on earth.  

- Hinterlands International Missions


Your donation will help us to continue to bring churches together to unite for a common goal of completing the great commission.

Your donation will also help us to provide holistic ministry like education, training, organic fertilizers, etc to many communities in the hinterlands

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Make a tax deductible donation to HIM for the Adama Scholarship initiative to help give education to many under privileged children in Sierra Leone especially girls, orphans and widows.  For $25 dollars you can pay the tuition for secondary school for one year.

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About Adama Blackie

She is an 18 years old girl that lives in Bo Sierra Leone, She dropped out of school in form 2 that is about 10th Grade in the USA. The reason was because her parents could not afford for education. The father was unemployed and the  mother was the bread winner but had a serious leg injury that made it impossible to continue the little trading she was doing.

When the father finally got something to do, food and shelter were priority and he could barely make it. So that is how Adama ended up staying at home until God made us to meet.

I met her in a small church where I was invited to speak.

After the service I saw someone sitting at the very back of the church. Everyone was happy but she wasn’t, so I approached her. I asked for her name and how she  was doing. She said fine. Then I ask what school she was attending. She says she does not go to school. I was curious to know why because I know she was of school age. That is when she told me she dropped out 2 years  ago because of lack of school fees.  After talking to her mother who was present in the church, I was moved to do something. I decided to pay her tuition for one year, Pastor Willie also supported me by paying for her books and uniform. That is how the Adama Blackie Scholarship Initiative started.

We can not only see problems, God has made us us solutions to problem. In situation like this prayer is not the solution, but you and I can help.  After that, I learnt that there are many in Sierra Leone in the same situation. So we decided to do something about it. To put out faith to work.

Without school, girls like this end up being pregnant, get married as the 2nd or 3rd wife to someone. I was told Many get married as young as 14. Many are not educated. According to UNICEF 2015 Statistics, literacy rate for Sierra Leone was 36.1 percent nationally, 52.1% for girls 15 to 24 years old*.  That is one of the lowest in Africa.

Would like to join us by donating $25 per year for one child for secondary school tuition or $50 for books, uniform and tuition for this coming academic year starting in September.

Please join us to end women illiteracy in Africa.  

Hinterlands International Missions is  organized  exclusively  for  charitable, religious,  educational  and scientific  purposes,  including for such  purposes,  the  making  of  distributions  to organizations that qualify as an exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, or the corresponding section of any future federal tax code.

Adama Blackie

Check should be made “Pay to the order” of HIM or Hinterlands International Missions. Please specify Adama Scholarship:

Mail Check to:


624 Yosemite Trail,

Mesquite, TX 75149


Jas 2:14-17  My brothers and sisters, what good does it do if someone claims to have faith but doesn't do any good things? Can this kind of faith save him? 

Suppose a believer, whether a man or a woman, needs clothes or food and one of you tells that person, "God be with you! Stay warm, and make sure you eat enough." If you don't provide for that person's physical needs, what good does it do? 

In the same way, faith by itself is dead if it doesn't cause you to do any good things. 

Adama Blackie is the one in Blue GW Version from e-Sword