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Creating sustainable Projects in the Hinterlands that creates Job and fight poverty


Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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Change a Child’s Future through Education.

Christianity is not relevant if all we can do on earth is promise people a better life in heaven and leave them to suffer on earth.  

- Hinterlands International Missions

Make A Donation

Make a tax deductible donation to HIM for the Adama Scholarship initiative to help give education to many under privileged children in Sierra Leone especially girls, orphans and widows.  For $25 dollars you can pay the tuition for secondary school for one year.

Donate Online

Check should be made “Pay to the order” of HIM or Hinterlands International Missions. Please specify Adama Scholarship:

Mail Check to:


624 Yosemite Trail,

Mesquite, TX 75149


Name: Isha Kamara

D.O.B: 18th March 2004

Name: William Caulker

D.O.B: 10th August 2003

Name: Umaru Juana

D.O.B: 5th June 2003

Name: Augusta Rogers

D.O.B: 13th January 2003

Name: Jonny P. Kamara

D.O.B: 15th September, 2005

Name: Julius Jaward

D.O.B: …………., 2004

Name: Millicent Bangalie

D.O.B: 20th March 1994

Name: Mariama Gassama

D.O.B: 12 July 2003

Name: Francis Sesay

D.O.B: 21ST June 2013

Name: Joseph Collier

D.O.B: 15th July 1999

Name: Brima S. Koroma

D.O.B: 8th February 2000

Name: Jatu Gbondo

D.O.B: 25th February, 2003

Name: Nabie Moigua

D.O.B: 11th November, 2002

Name: Esther Kallon

D.O.B: 20th May 2007

Name: Musa Gibrilu

D.O.B: 14th August 1999

Name: Mariama G. Samba

D.O.B: 24th March 2001

Name: James French

D.O.B: 23rd June, 2000

Name: Musa Kamara

D.O.B: 3rd March 1998

Name: Marie Mannah

D.O.B: 12th March 2002

Name: Ernest Kanneh

D.O.B: 2nd October 1996

Name: Mamie J. Kamara

D.O.B: 10th October 2004

Name: Martha French

D.O.B: 25th June 2005

Name: Theresa Koroma

D.O.B: 15th August 2002

Name: Fatu Samuels

D.O.B: 15th April 2002

Name: Mary A. Fofanah

D.O.B: 18th June 1996

Name: Michael Karim

D.O.B: 8th February 2004

Name: Rukiatu K. Mansaray

D.O.B: 11th December 2004

Name: Benjamin Bangalie

D.O.B: 25th April 2005

Name: Satta Lamin

D.O.B: 6th September, 2000

Name: Magdalene Bona

D.O.B: 9th September, 2004

Name: Adama Douda

D.O.B: 29th June 2001

Name: Adama Blackie

D.O.B: 6th June 1998

Name: Josephine Passay

D.O.B: 4th May 2004

Name: Messie Ansumana

D.O.B: 15th May 2004

Name: Yatta Gbondo

D.O.B: 3rd March 2006

Name: Catherine James

D.O.B: 18th February 1983

Name: Fatmata Momoh

D.O.B: 13th November 1996

Name: Isata N. Jobai

D.O.B: 8th September 1996

Name: Mariama Amara

D.O.B: 12th August 2002

Name: Abie Kamara

D.O.B: 21st October, 2002

Name: Daniel .I. Robert

D.O.B: 3rd June 2003

Name: Francis Moseray

D.O.B:  5th December 2002

Name: James Fouad Vellah

D.O.B: 3rd October 2004

Name: Mariama Moseray

D.O.B: 20th March 2002

Name: Jinnah Kaillie

D.O.B: 17th June 1998

Name: Sao Kaillie

D.O.B: 17TH June 1998

Name: Sadia Woody

D.O.B: 20th July 2000

Name: Alhassan Jalloh

D.O.B: 31st May 1999

Name: Musu Swaray

D.O.B: 3rd June 2003

Name: Henry Senesie

D.O.B: 1ST May 2002