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Creating sustainable Projects in the Hinterlands that creates Job and fight poverty


Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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Open a new account with HIM SL

It was so quick and easy to make a booking we’re already planned out next one

- young couple from London

Current Account.

Account management charges FCFA 750/month Operations executed.

- Reception and emission of transfers.

- Repayment of loan instalments.

- Cashing of cheques and other means of payments. Deposits made into the account are not remunerated.

The owner of the account is in charge of all fees and commissions and fiscal charges related to the operations carried in the account.

A statement of the account is issued to the owner after every 3-month period. The owner has a delay of 1 month to file in his observations and oppositions.

VISION  Reaching the  un-reached,  foster development and human rights raise the standard of  living and reduce rural exodus

Anyone can open and account with HIM SL without buying shares.  The information bellow states the various accounts that can be opened with HIM SL. You will also see the conditions. To open account with HIM SL will take at least 10,000 FCFA.

Do you have a planned project and you want to set money aside for your project? HIM-SL can help you. You can open a fixed deposit account for your project and earn interest up front of at least 2.5%. You can make money money for your project by setting up a fixed account with us.

Opening a new account Fixed Deposit account

Membership to the Hinterlands Savings and Loans Cooperative (HIM SL) is open only to those with the Christian fear of God and shall be by application that will be scrutinized. If the applicant is deemed qualified, then membership will be granted.

 The primary objectives of  HIM SL Coop  is to alleviate poverty, raise the standard of living in our communities, bringing hope, undertake Christian and community outreach programs and projects, Hinterlands community development, Community organizing, agriculture and livestock farming, etc,  especially to the less privileged and rural areas (the “un-reached”).  


Membership into HIM SL Coop