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Creating sustainable Projects in the Hinterlands that creates Job and fight poverty


Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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HIM Savings and Loans Cooperative...?

Membership to the Hinterlands Savings and Loans Cooperative (HIM SL) is open only to those with the Christian fear of God and shall be by application that will be scrutinized. If the applicant is deemed qualified, then membership will be granted.

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 The primary objectives of  HIM SL Coop  is to alleviate poverty, raise the standard of living in our communities, bringing hope, undertake Christian and community outreach programs and projects, Hinterlands community development, Community organizing, agriculture and livestock farming, etc,  especially to the less privileged and rural areas (the “un-reached”).  


"For evangelization purposes, a people group is the largest group within which the Gospel can spread as a church planting movement without encountering barriers of understanding or acceptance"

(Source: 1982 Lausanne Committee Chicago meeting.)

Membership into HIM SL Coop

Buying Shares: Any one who is a citizen of Cameroon can purchase shares in HIM SL.  Once you buy your shares you become a share holder in the Savings and Loans Cooperative.

What is the cost of one share?: The cost of a share is 20,000 FCFA. There is a limited number of shares that one individual can purchase. Contact one of our locations for details or download our by-laws for more details.

Can one also do his normal savings and deposit with HIM SL?: Yes you can do your normal savings and deposit with a savings and deposit account just like you do with other banks.

Who can apply for loans?: To qualify for a loan you must be a member of HIM SL and have an active savings or deposit account with us.  You will be given a loan application. If you meet all the requirements you will be granted a loan. See your membership booklet for details on loans.

Can someone from Overseas buy shares: Yes if you are a Cameroon citizen living abroad you can buy shares with HIM SL. You will have to open a savings or deposit account with us using your relatives with legal authorization to do your transactions for you. You can also open an account in your relative’s name who lives in Cameroon that you trust to run your account for you.

What do you need to open an account?: A copy of your ID card or Passport, 2 passport size pictures, Administrative fee that includes your record booklet, by-laws & loan Policy booklets, money for the amount of shares you want. With a minimum of 10,000 FCFA you can open an account with HIM SL.

VISION  Reaching the  un-reached,  foster development and human rights raise the standard of  living and reduce rural exodus Membership application form  HIM SCIG Information Brochure  HIM-SL Share Request Application HIM SL Shares Application HIM Savings & Loans Cooperative By-laws  HIM SL Loan Policy HIM SL Loan Application HIM Donation Form HIM SCIG By-laws