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Creating sustainable Projects in the Hinterlands that creates Job and fight poverty


Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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Membership ...

Membership is open to anyone with the Christian fear of God who has a heart for the poor, suffering, under privileged and un-reached people of the Hinterlands and is willing to do something about it.

H.I.M. is just a driver to see this happen but we depends on members and partners to realize this vision. Consider becoming a partner or an active member. Volunteer your time and services to go to some of these areas and provide ministry or services that you can. Support the cause financially and change someone’s life for ever. You can make a difference. Take and active role in changing the world now.  Together we can move mountains. Registration fee into the HIM family is 5000frs CFA or $10 or N1850 Naira

Reaching the unreached in a holistic way, Economic, Social and Spiritual Empowerment for a relevant Christianity.

Vision Statement

Implementing sustainable strategies to Empower and mobilize the body Christ to Reach the unreached, foster development and human rights, raise the standard of living and reduce rural exodus.

Missions Statement

Membership into H.I.M.

1. Christian Out-Reach Activities: Promote, Sponsor and organize Christian education and outreach in the hinterlands.

2.  Missionary Services: Provide services to missionaries who wish to do mission in Africa. Provide them with the study of the area they wish to go, assist them in processing their legal documents, locating lodging, transportation, communication, security and any other services they might require to facilitate their missions. Promote and facilitate church planting activities with other missions and organizations or recognized authorities.

3. Wealth building: Micro financing, business education, business formation.

4. Raising Leaders: Providing leadership training and empowerment.

5. Development: Seeks to bring development in remote communities (Hinterlands), by creating self-sustaining projects, improved farming and training that will boost employment, create other opportunities that will lead to the creation of businesses to take care of needs.

6. Community organizing and Initiative: Organize the community for development, good stewardship, accountability, civil responsibility, good health, personal and environmental hygiene, and more.

7. General Crisis Intervention: Intervene during time of crisis, by providing training, crisis counseling, human and physical resources, representation, relocation services and more.

8. Advocacy Program: Provide or facilitate legal Intervention and actions on the behalf of those who are wrongfully detained, imprisoned, maltreated, abused, cheated, discriminated, or deprived of their Godly, human and civil rights. Organize a consortium of Legal Professionals who sympathize with the organization's goals, to provide legal representation on voluntary bases and assistance to victims.

9. Take care of orphans and widows: Provide or facilitate training and resources for self-sustenance.

10. Promotion of Human and Civil Rights: Fight against crimes that are against humanity, Whistle blower and agent against human rights violations, child abuse, spousal abuse, domestic violence, rape, incest, maltreatment, etc. Formation of “Human Rights Police” for the general intervention of human rights especially violations against women and children.

11. General and Mental Health: Provide training and services on clinical and pastoral counseling, low cost medical diagnostics, low cost health and dental services

12. Hinterland Tourism: Promote and facilitate tourism in the hinterlands that can lead to job creation, rural development and reduction of rural exodus.

13. Advance Technology Training: Establish and operate Vocational Centers to train on the most recent developments in Computer Technology and Sciences, and other modern Communication Sciences.

14. Communication: To use and promote modern communication using available technologies in the hinterlands, to connect villages, communities, and people. It will also help in providing education and conveying public information to the hinterland communities that do not have access to Radio and TV.

15. Liquidation centers: Establish thrift shops and outlets to liquidate donated items and raise funds to enable the Association achieve her goals.

16. Environmental Protection: To fight against environmental pollution and contamination.

17. Non-Profit and Small Business Consultancy: Training and Consultation services to entrepreneurs, small businesses and non-profit organizations, to promote their success and viability, to ensure their continuous services for the development of the Hinterlands.

18. Scholarship Awards: Award scholarships to the needy and deserving individuals for educational advancement that will benefit the Hinterlands communities.

19. Education: To enable and provide affordable education, Vocational training centers, other training programs, counseling, certification and introducing new knowledge and technologies.

Global Objectives

If heaven is the only thing we can offer people, then our Christianity is irrelevant to a suffering, poor and dying world …

John Egyawan - Founder of HIM