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Creating sustainable Projects in the Hinterlands that creates Job and fight poverty


Reaching the Unreached in a Holistic Way
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While serving as the International Mission Coordinator for Omega Gospel Mission over six years, God gave me an opportunity to travel to the different parts of West Africa where I saw a need that needed to be address specifically. I noticed the concentration of Churches in the coastal Metropolitan cities. But just about 100 Kilometers inland the story is different. As you go inland from the coast towards the 10/40 window you see that there’re very few or no churches. That was the need.  In trying to understand the reason we found out from many interviews from church planters and Christian leaders why the hinterlands was not being evangelized. It was economically challenging to survive with a family in the Hinterlands depending only on the tithes and offering of the church. In most cases these people are very poor that they can not even give a descent offering that can sustain the church planter.

Reaching the unreached in a holistic way, Economic, Social and Spiritual Empowerment for a relevant Christianity.

Vision Statement

Implementing sustainable strategies to Empower and mobilize the body Christ to Reach the unreached, foster development and human rights, raise the standard of living and reduce rural exodus.

Missions Statement

History of H.I.M.

That is why this vision was born to equip church planters not only with the bible but with a means through which they can earn a living and be accepted as a beneficial entity to the community they are trying to reach. Our system will make the church planter an indispensable member of the community. The will be providing either goods and services that will add value to the community they are reaching They will not be seen as intruders or people who have come to extort money from the people.

Global Objectives

We started from a little idea and now we are in many countries, but we we really want to see is that the UPGs are reached and poverty is defeated…

-John Egyawan


When God gave me the vision I tried to work with my church to bring this vision to fruition but I met some major financial and administrative obstacles. The church was concentrating on the home front and dealing with home crisis but my heart was burning for the un-reached people that are forgotten in the Hinterlands. So I decided to do something about the situation. First I started by praying and committing the burden to the Lord. After a few months one of my friend visiting me to process his visa for Central Africa Republic and Cameroon. I had to help him around in Washington. I shared the burden I had with him about taking the gospel to the hinterlands. While he was leaving he gave sawn a seed in the ministry. It was this money that I used to register the Ministry (HIM).

Hinterlands International Missions (H.I.M.) was registered on November 28, 2011 in the State of Virginia as a Not for Profit Organization by John Egyawan. Our mission is to take the Gospel where Christ has not been named. We seek to partner with organizations, individuals and associations that supports a holistic approach to the the gospel.

God led me into a situation where I have do Mission as Business. We have seen that even the worse community that is violent to the gospel of Christ can be reach or will open up when a different approach is used. Governments in some countries example Cameroon would prefer to give a license to a non profit organization and not to a church because they welcome organization that will bring development and affect the economic lives of the people. Him seek to do just that by bring life back into the rural areas, creating jobs, clinics, schools, training centers, and of course churches.

We will use FM Radio and local TV to reach these remote areas. Partner with other organization and government agencies of similar goals. Recruit and train church planters, social workers, health care professionals, financial workers to train and carry out our mission in the hinterlands.

HIM currently have registered members in three nations, Cameroon, Benin and Nigeria. Since 2012 successfully conducted 4 Equipping for the Harvest Conferences, reached over 500 church leaders combined, formed 6 church planting partnerships, and adopted 9 unreached people groups.

HIM is currently developing business ventures and strategies to combine with AIMS Missions strategy to help empower the churches or Christians Economically. So that they can be more ready and resourceful to engaged the unreached people groups in a more holistic and relevant approach. HIM is partnering with other organization to organize Business submit champion by Christians and churches. The churches are beginning to partner with the local government and communities for economic and community development.

2011 - HIM Founded in Virginia

2012 - HIM Founded in Cameroon

2012 - Main Office in Cameroon

2013 - HIM Nigeria And Benin

2014 - Partnership with Golf of           Guinea XM

        - Partnership with Dwellearth

2014 - HIM USA Relocated to Texas

        - Partnership with AZOMITE

         - Training With Ministry of            Agriculture SW Region of Cameroon            started

2015 - First HIM Computer School in Buea           Cameroon

2015 - Main Nigeria office in Lagos

         - Planning of Liberia Branch Begins

          - Kuwait Demestic worker program

          - Completed Registration of HIM in              Benin

Time Line of Progress